For as long as I can remember, Iโ€™ve loved everything technology.

I was born in Pocatello, Idaho; but I grew up in Provo, Utah. Living in Provo until the age of 10, I spent lots of time dreaming of being a BYU football player. Most of my summers were spent in Idaho on my grandparentโ€™s farms, or on trips to lake powell, moab, Oregon, and other fun places. I had the perfect childhood, and have been extremely blessed my entire life.

Currently, I am a student at UVU in the Computer Science department; I am married to my highschool sweetheart, Ashley; and I have two young girls, Lyla and Cecily. I work full time as a Software Engineer for Podium. Some of my favorite past-times are; Playing Golf, Making delicious Espresso, Playing Basketball, enjoying my two children, being with family, and doing yard work! Iโ€™m a #dad through and through.

Me at work with my daugher