Hi there, I'm Tyler. 👋

Me at Work

For as long as I can remember, I've loved everything technology. When I discovered that I could create technology with software, it became my second love. It's now my mission to help others discover the beauty in software that I've found.

Blog Posts

My favorite Lodash Functions
April 06, 2020·📚 5 min read
Lodash is a fantastic library of JavaScript utilities that can really enhance your productivity and confidence as a developer. But with…
What is a pure function?
July 28, 2019· 3 min read
One of the first things you will encounter when learning functional programming is the idea of pure functions. Functional programming is all…
React Anti-Patterns
February 20, 2019·📚 5 min read
Am I using the right pattern? What will my coworkers think of this? Is this readable? Everyone asks themselves these questions at some point…