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Elixir, Phoenix Live View, Stripe, Tailwind
Photo By Tyler Wray


I’ve seen a good amount of buzz over the last ~3 years about Phoenix LiveView, so I wanted to actually build something to see it’s merit. Elixir has been one of my favorite programming languages, Phoniex one of my favorite web frameworks, so I’m excited to dive in.

At it’s core, Phoenix LiveView is a framework for writing real-time web applications using a programming langauage loved by many; Elixir. The real-time aspect is very interesting, as is the component-based semantics using a language like Elixir.

We’re going to build an eCommerce application powered by Stripe and Phoenix LiveView.

The stack we will use in this tutorial —

  • Elixir
  • Phoenix Framework
  • Postgres
  • Tailwindcss
  • Stripe

At the end of this tutorial you will have accomplished —

  • Building a Phoenix LiveView application.
  • Styling that application with TailwindCSS.
  • Accepting payments in your application with Stripe.

This is going to be fun, let’s dive in.

Finished application on github.

stripe elixir phoenix tailwindcss